Beyond the outer reaches

Invictus GT 370, luxury evolution doesn’t stop. With this model new frontiers of beauty and elegance have been reached. The distinctive element of this hull, carved in the material nearly as natural elements made it, is the GT typical “half reverse”bow. Here refinement and power reach the best balance. GT 370 is the peak of luxury and style, customizable with unique elements for a boat of this size, like the opening side converting into a waterfront terrace, the hydraulic platform and a long list of selectable details, made even larger through the Invictus Atelier experience. The continuous windows on the sides open towards a great area, made to enhance the exclusivity of a cruise.


The perfect blending of materials, finishings and furniture embodies the dream for a navigable object ideal for long stays on board in contact with nature, in pursuit of those values that define the emotion evoked by sharing moments and gestures with our loved ones.

Details make the difference

All the Invictus’ boats are the result of an integrated design project, in which every detail is part of an idea that makes the life of the boat coherent, from the first paper sketch to when it starts to sail.

Trim &Color

The color makes identity. The concept of luxury suggested by Invictus starts from the boat design and goes until the color, making true the most intimate thinking of the customer. It is for this reason that Invictus offers a wide selection of chromatic customizations of its models. Thanks to a wide color and tones choice every boat will be unique and precious.

Technical data

Length overall
11,4 m
Maximun beam
3,5 m
Maximum height
3,0 m
6900 kg
1350 kg
Person capacity
Engine diesel
Volvo Penta D4 2×300 hp
MerCruiser 4.2 V8 2×370 hp
Maximum speed*
40 kn (Volvo Diesel)
44 kn (MerCruiser Diesel)
Cruising speed
26 kn
200 l
Fuel capacity
740 l
Water capacity
180 l
Building material
Fiber glass
Christian Grande
Cantieri Aschenez
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